Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Furniture

When Sean and I moved to Milford we had virtually no furniture. Before going to Oakland from Toronto - the brief pit stop we made before firmly deciding to live in Prince Edward County - we gave most of it away. Once settled, neither of us wanted to rush into buying furniture and wind up having a house filled with items we'd purchased from the same place at the same time. We agreed we wanted pieces with character that were selected with care when we knew we really needed and could afford them. Up until now, we've been living without a dresser. Our clothes were stored in plastic containers and suitcases we hauled out when faced with the unnecessarily onerous task of dressing ourselves. But no more! Yesterday, we went to MacCool's Re-use, a fantastic second-hand store that sells lots of mid-century, Danish furniture, beautifully worn late 19th century Canadiana, and gorgeous decorative objects, including a great selection of West German pottery. Cindy and Colm MacCool operate the store out of a 150-year-old barn on their property and they share a great aesthetic. I'd been there last year - looking for a dresser - and found a perfect, art deco specimen made of unfinished wood (a lovely blonde colour). I didn't buy it, but I should have. After the shop closed for the winter, I lived with that specific kind of regret you feel when you pass on something that was meant for you. So when I walked into MacCool's yesterday, I was surprised to see my dresser standing there, though in the meantine it had been painted a pristine white. We didn't hesitate. Colm delivered it this morning and it was incredibly satisfying to fill it with our clothes. I propped a marbled print I bought from artist Robert Wu on top of it and put some ubiquitous daffodils in the vase I purchased along with the dresser. I made the decision to buy it easily - I didn't want to regret having resisted its charms too. (