Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why a blog? And why now?

Dear Reader, 
Here's my blog! Now that they've been around for, like, eons, I'm ready to participate (ever the late bloomer). Why do I have a blog? There are a few explanations: 1. It's a free way for me to post writing and other art activities - a loose, free-form portfolio. 2. It'll suffice as a business locus for my fledgling press - The We of Me - until I can achieve a more professional (expensive) site. 3. It's yet another effort to prod myself to write. It's my hope that making posts will align the ease and casualness of un-edited (less self-conscious) emailing with the harder work of writing with thoughtfulness and care. I find it's often impossible to fully, truly know what I think about something until I write it down (or talk about it). So, this blog should aid me in encountering myself (SO self-involved!). And, if readers visit me here, that's even better. I'll try to include details about books I'm reading, movies I've seen, recipes I've tried, and music I like. I'll let myself be mediated by this (one of many) form of controlled "social interaction." Like everyone else, I too am isolated in my consciousness more than ever before thanks to profligate technologies (and a shocking affinity I've only just learned I have with the most elusive of anti-social ladies: no, not Garbo... Emily Dickinson! But not the genius part, or the gardening in the dark part.). I'll make an effort here - a greater effort than is required by the hopelessly shorthand, dead-end, declarative "status" statement on my Facebook page. Always the independent, I'll shift slightly from the social-network-as-marketing-tool that is Facebook, for an ephemeral spot in the Internet ether that I can all but completely control. Thank you for visiting, dear friend. Please know that, after myself, you're my second-favourite sounding board!